Our Mission

Vision: to create a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace


Personal Growth:  We support individuals and families in experiencing inner peace, greater choice, integrity, and satisfying relationships by offering classes, individual coaching, and intensive programs. We work in-person as well as through phone and Skype.

Leadership & Collaboration:  We support organizations and leaders to respond to growing global challenges with effectiveness, creativity, and care for all stakeholders by offering consulting services, facilitation, coaching, and training.

Summary of BayNVC Activities:


  • Events for the public: workshops, series,intensive retreats (for individuals, couples and whole families), and practice groups.
  • Leadership development: We offer a variety of ongoing intensive 9 or 12 month programs.
  • Working with organizations: We work with dozens of organizations, often on a pro bono basis, offering a range of services to organizations such as churches, businesses, schools, and healthcare institutions.
  • Support for individuals: We provide NVC-based counseling for individuals, couples and families.

Nationally and Internationally:

  • Our trainers travel to other locations to offer workshops, retreats, longer programs.
  • The BayNVC Leadership Program attracts participants from throughout the US, Canada, and a dozen other countries.
  • Graduates of the Leadership Program teach in diverse locales such as Estonia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
  • Miki Kashtan travels regularly to share NVC in other countries and continents.