Nonviolent Communication in Family Life
with Inbal Kashtan

We are delighted to make available a new CD, "Connected Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Family Life," a recording of an introductory workshop given by Inbal Kashtan in 2004 to a statewide parents' conference.

The CD covers the core principles of NVC (for example, all actions are an attempt to meet needs), some key distinctions (such as the difference between needs and strategies), and a wealth of questions and stories that are specific to parenting: working with no; shifting from guilt, shame and rewards/punishment to open-hearted communication and mutual understanding; cultivating responsibility and consideration for others; nurturing compassion for ourselves when we fall short of our values; and transforming parenting to become a path toward peace in the world.

The first and last tracks of the CD contain two poems by Julian Allen, a spoken word artist from Oakland and graduate of BayNVC's Leadership Program. Julian blends NVC consciousness with rap rhythms and the language of "street giraffe." The pieces — "Presence" and "To Parents" — are powerful reminders of the contributions we can make to our children.

CD contents:

  1. Presence (Julian Allen)
  2. Parenting with NVC
  3. Core Principles #1
  4. Core Principles #2
  5. Opening our Hearts
  6. Making Observations
  7. The Heart of NVC
  8. Feelings vs. Interpretations
  9. Needs vs. Strategies #1
  10. Needs vs. Strategies #2
  11. Habitual Behavior and Motivation for Change
  12. Taking Responsibility
  13. Beyond Submission and Rebellion
  14. What's Hard about making Requests?
  15. Trusting that we Matter
  16. Four Ways of Hearing
  17. Making Requests
  18. Working with "No"
  19. Everyone's Needs Matter
  20. Peace Within
  21. To Parents (Julian Allen)

Here are a few quotes about the CD from parents:

This CD is such a blessing for people wanting to grow in their NVC consciousness and parenting skills! I found it inspiring and empowering.


Inbal Kashtan illuminates the meaning of NVC for parents with humor, clarity, and depth.


This CD powerfully met my needs for inspiration and embodying the consciousness behind NVC.

The CD is available through BayNVC and costs $14, with discounts available for multiple copies.

To order, please use this order form.

Your Connected Parenting CD has really touched me. I especially enjoy how you weave so artfully into your presentation the 'bigger' picture (the spirituality of NVC), such as the concepts of responsibility, authenticity, mutuality, self-awareness, empathy, choice, compassion and power relationships. Also, I am so grateful and inspired by the stories you share. My own children are up and out of the house, and I do so wish I had known more about NVC when they were young. All of us would have been happier and had fewer power struggles if I had understood then what I know now about requests, demands and autonomy storms!
Jody Scheer, MD