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Friday, January 1, 2016

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Miki Kashtan
is celebrated by many participants in her workshops for bringing them experiences of NVC that support real integration of the core principles that NVC is based on. This shift from how to why allows for a level of fluency that helps connect her with audiences in various settings and cultural contexts.

Many have wanted to learn these skills in teaching and sharing NVC from Miki and have not been able to attend the few training events where this has been a focus. Now you can have access to this rich resource from the comfort of your own home in monthly teleconferences. You are invited to bring your questions and experiences of sharing NVC to one or more of her monthly Principle-Based Teaching clinics. On these two-hour teleconferences, offered at different times to accommodate multiple time-zones, Miki will engage directly with callers to address live issues and concerns. Calls will be recorded and provided to those who register.

Miki's principle-based approach is designed to liberate people from mechanical delivery of NVC so that they can truly live NVC consciousness as they share it -- certainly an awareness and a competency that I ache to support among certification candidates who work with me. This is a rare, wonderful and, in my view, much needed event.
-- Penny Wassman, certified trainer and CNVC assessor (writing about the first Principle-Based Teaching Workshop in September 2012).

You are invited to bring questions and ask for coaching in any of the following areas which are core to the principle-based teaching approach:
• Naming workshops in language and terms that speak to audience needs and challenges
• Describing your work in terms of results rather than process
• Providing a transformative experience that’s rooted in what people want to learn rather than what you want to teach
• Understanding plans as an empathic guess about the future
• Identifying principles, core practices, and consciousness shifts to ground planning
• Utilizing the power of living and using NVC and letting the teaching follow the experience
• Transcending the plan vs. the moment by tying what happens to intended core principles
• Naturalizing the language of NVC based on context
• Leaving participants with key practices they can use without further training

In addition, Miki is making available the materials she developed in support of this approach to teaching. When you register using the button on this page, you will receive her study documents on Principle-Based Teaching. We ask that you pay at least $30 for these approximately 40 pages of materials unless you have already received them at an in-person Principle-Based Teaching workshop in 2012 (anyone who took this course earlier would likely want to get the revised version and several additional materials that will come with this set).

Enjoy these unique materials. Then register and pay for separate clinics by clicking the clinic dates above.

I’m celebrating because Kathy Wilcox and I just gave a workshop for domestic violence service providers in New York City, USA called: Increasing Safety in Relationships, and we shared a lot of principles that I learned from Miki rather than teaching OFNR. It was well received and I really, really enjoyed the workshop and teaching that way.
-- Carol Fitzpatrick, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA.

Trainer(s):Miki Kashtan
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