No One Left Behind:
The Art and Craft of Confluent Facilitation (Part of the MCR Series)

Friday, May 11, 2012  -  Monday, May 14, 2012 

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This 4-day intensive is part of Miki Kashtan's MCR series.
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Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched in dismay as a group collapses into conflict, gets lost in too many directions to follow, or drags on without a sense of purpose? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this intensive 4-day workshop can provide you with vital tools to support the functioning of any group. This workshop will address the following topics:

• How do we balance care for individuals with attention to the group as a whole?
• Can we increase our transparency to enhance trust and effectiveness without losing our focus as facilitators?
• What makes it possible to navigate transitions and conflicts within a group towards more connection and flow?
• Where does empathic reflection fit within group facilitation?
• How can we include what’s important to everybody in the room without having to hear from everybody?
• How can we support collaboration when there are power differences within the group?

In addition, this workshop will introduce a decision-making process designed to reach a collaborative decision with fluency and grace and without creating polarization, animosity, or resentment. We focus on learning concrete tools invented by Miki to support a group in reaching a decision, especially under time constraints, without losing goodwill and inclusion. We focus in particular on identifying key skills necessary at each of three phases of a collaborative, group-based decision-making process. The fast pace and transparency of this process often reduce anxiety and fatigue by making visible to the group the progress towards a decision. Groups have found this process to be highly interactive and engaging, even fun. The skills you learn can be used in emergency situations to reach a quick decision, to break through a bottleneck of disagreement within a group, or throughout the lifecycle of a long-term project.

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Miki Kashtan, certified NVC trainer, is a founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication and the North America Leadership Program. She is inspired by the role of visionary leadership in shaping a livable future, and works toward that vision by sharing the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication through mediation, meeting facilitation, coaching, consulting, and training for organizations and for committed individuals.

Miki hosts the Conflict Hotline TV show, and blogs at the Fearless Heart and on Psychology Today. Her articles have appeared in Tikkun magazine and elsewhere.

You may enjoy watching:
10-minute video interview of Miki Kashtan discussing empathy.

24 Continuing Education Units are available for registered nurses and therapists. Click here for more information.

Requested Experience:This workshop will not cover the basics of Nonviolent Communication. Ideally, participants will be experienced facilitators, including those new to NVC, who want to enhance their toolbox, or experienced NVC practitioners who want to apply NVC principles to group facilitation and leadership.
Location:Oakland, CA, Humanist Hall
Trainer(s):Miki Kashtan
Requested Contribution:Requested Contribution: $675.
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This event is OVER.

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