Building NVC Community (BNC)
a BayNVC program created by François Beausoleil

Although it will not be officially launched until September 21st (in Indianapolis), BNC has already generated interest in 16 communities across N America. Five communities have already chosen tentative dates for 2007 and early 2008!

Program goals

  • Foster the growth of local NVC communities, especially those that do not have regular access to local NVC leaders
  • offer ease for communities who want access to more in-depth training
  • support existing communities that either want to take the next step in creating a local center, or those struggling with organizational issues
  • offer new avenues for work for new NVC trainers
  • support BayNVC's sustainability and outreach for Leadership programs

BNC offers 3 options:

Basic NVC Community Building is a three-month program that includes one weekend NVC training in the local community with François Beausoleil, eight teleclasses, individual calls, a buddy system for ongoing practice, and materials. To be feasible the program requires 12 to 15 committed participants. The general public is invited to the initial weekend training, including a Friday evening introduction.

Long Term NVC Community Building offers the same components as Option 1 plus additional features. It is designed to address the needs of groups committed to creating long-term structures to support the local development of NVC.

Strengthen Existing NVC Organizations offers support to existing NVC organizations that want to become more efficient and expand. For example, the program can help:

  • Increase the cohesiveness and efficiency of the organizing team
  • Create (or update) the mission and vision statements and the strategic plan
  • Register as a non-profit organization

For more information, see the Building NVC Communities (BNC) website, or contact François Beausoleil at