With great sadness we announce that Marshall Rosenberg died on Saturday, February 7th. Marshall was the creator of Nonviolent Communication and the founder and director of educational services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Read more here.


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March 2015

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Empowered Communication 2 for Couples
(Couple's Communication Lab) with Nancy Kahn

The Fearless Heart Teleseminars with Miki Kashtan
Leveraging Your Influence Using NVC (West Coast)
Registration open for
Miki Kashtan's innovative year-long program

Communication Dojo: Working Together to Connect
4-week series - open to all
Starts Mar 17, 2015 in San Francisco
with Newt Bailey
Nonviolence: Its Not Just About Compassion and Love. Hear Miki Kashtan in this inspiring and provocative interview with Alan Seid from Social Change Telesummit.
2015 Year-long Personal Leadership
NVC Social Justice Program Registration Opens December 1, 2014. Contact Nancy@Baynvc.org
More special events...